Coach Raghu needs no introduction in Cricketing world, especially across the USA Cricket. He is the only resident Cricket Coach who has been accredited with Cricket Australia High Performance Level 3 Certification. With the vision of developing the game from beginner to professional, in his 20 years of coaching, Coach Raghu was instrumental in producing sparkling top talent prodigies that are shining all over the Cricketing world today.

But at the core, Raghu's philosophy has remained the same even as he remains abreast of the changing Cricketing universe. He believes in letting the player organically grow and not interfere with their natural ability. Thus he focuses on an all-round development model that will help the cricketer become physically fit, mentally strong and technically sound. The idea is to help the player excel in every aspect of the game, help them play longer, recover quicker, concentrate better and perform more efficiently.

Raghu puts emphasis on not only developing cricketing skills but also life skills - that the cricketer will continue to compliment the positive experiences from both the Cricketing and life experiences which to him are two sides of the same coin. He believes "The better the person, the better the cricketer".

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Cricket Australia Level 3 High Performance Coach | 20+ years of experience in Cricket Coaching.