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About Cricket Zeal Academy

CricketZeal Academy embraces this trend with coaching philosophies focused on maximizing participation in high quality coaching sessions and creating the environment for participants to learn and develop their cricket ability.

The lack high-quality cricket coaching at club and school level has frustrated talented players. Could they have made it if only they had the chance to be coached by former professionals and Internationals? Now that question can be finally answered with Cricketzeal Academy’s coaching system.

Training Programs

Under-10 (Skill Based Training)

This program is ideally suited for beginner kids. Kids can learn the basics of cricket and participate in fun-based learning activities. We focus a lot on the safety of the kids while letting them enjoy the game we love!

Under-12 (Game Based Training)

After learning the basics of the game, we introduce kids to game based set up. Focus will be to help the kids learn how to play and win together as a team. Personally, each kid will be able to improve their individual game by getting quality one-on-one sessions with our coaches.

Under-16 (Club Cricket)

We help the kids mature into club cricketers and participate in competitive tournaments approved by ICC and USACA. Budding players will be identified to represent the state or even national teams based on talent and performance. In addition to skills training, mental and performance coaching will be key at this level.


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